Gay and Lesbian Problem - Top Indian Astrologer

As an astrologer, I explain horoscopes in terms of breaking them apart for the sake of making a point, without necessarily putting them back together in a more holistic way for the reader. I trust that by reading this article you realize this is done in private consultation. I would like to make certain points about homosexual indications, so I have identified some key components in the Vedic horoscope. They are just components, and not the full picture. None of them on their own indicate homosexuality, and the absence of any one of them does not mean homosexuality should be ruled out.

There are, however, some very definite pointers to homosexuality, and these require further investigation if there are a confluence of such indications. Initially, the 7th house of relationships, and its ruling planet, must be examined, of course. But we must add the 3rd and 11th (the other kama or ‘desire’ houses), particularly in relation to the 9th harmonic or divisional chart, known as the Navamsha or D9, used extensively in Vedic astrology.